Brass Compression Ring Cutter

Introducing the fastest and easiest way to remove brass compression rings from copper piping when replacing an angle stop or shut-off valve underneath sinks, and behind toilets. The Brass Compression Ring Remover makes it easy in three quick steps.

Most people leave the old compression nut and sleeve and just change the valve body only, which significantly increases the chances of leaking, resulting in major property damage.

According to the CDA (Copper Development Association) a brass compression ring is to be compressed and used only once

The brass compression ring remover will not bend, smash or mushroom the end of copper pipe, unlike other brass compression ring pullers.

The unique design of the compression ring remover supports the 1/2″ copper pipe while the splitter bit cuts the compression ring with just a few slight turns. The unique shape of the remover allows it to fit into tight places and makes quick work of an otherwise difficult compression ring puller/remover.
Fits into tight places (behind a pedestal sink, behind a low profile one piece toilet, a washing machine wall box etc. It fits where a sleeve puller can’t.

A tradesperson will now be able to install more angle stops and shut-offs in less time, therefore increasing the sales of angle stops and supply lines.

  • Works on all 1/2″ copper stub-outs
  • Removes brass compression ring in seconds
  • No damage to copper pipe
  • No mushrooming the end of copper pipes
  • Fits into tight places where a sleeve puller can’t
  • East to use
  • Time-saving
  • Newly Designed

1/2 to 1 turn with a wrench after hand-tightening is all that it takes!

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The fastest and easiest way to remove brass compression rings from copper piping.

  1. Remove old water shut-off
  2. Loosen the splitter bit an dinsert the copper stub-out over the rod.
  3. Turn splitter head (maximum of 1/2-1 turn with wrench after hand-tightening) until you hear a “tink” or splitting sound of the brass ring.
  4. Loosen splitter bit and remove the old brass ring

*CAUTION DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN SPLITTER BIT or you will damage the end of the copper pipe.


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