Plumbers Helper 10-1 Multi Tool

A ten in one tool no plumber should be without. Designed for plumbers by plumbers! The only tool you need for quick plumbing repairs and maintenance. Perfect for kitchen, toilets, faucets and more.

  1. Garbage Disposal Wrench- free up a clog
  2. Phillips Screwdriver #2- the most common screw head
  3. De-Burring Tool- for Plastic & Copper Pipe burrs
  4. 1/4″ Hex Nut Driver- for tech screws on a H2O heater vent or A/C grill (also removable for other bits)
  5. 5/16″ Hex Nut Driver- for quick use on a hose clamp or no-hub coupling
  6. Flathead/Slotted Screwdriver- Honestly…WHO STILL USES SLOTTED SCREWS??…we scrape with it.
  7. O-Ring Washer Pick- poke, prod, and pull…lots of uses. CAUTION: NOT INTENDED AS A TOOTH PICK.
  8. Standard Knife- We have plumbers who use this feature to collect outstanding invoices…just kidding.
  9. Flat File- a fine surfaced file for smaller tasks
  10. Small Detachable Ruler with Level- use it when setting & leveling a toilet


Saf-T-Kut has developed the first Multi-tool for small basic plumbing repairs. Free up a jammed garbage disposal, tighten a hose clamp, or remove some O-rings from a shower valve. Simple & Compact.


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