Reciprocating Saw Blades 2-Pack

Any residential or commercial construction trade that needs to access inside the wall.

Cuts standard 5/8” drywall/sheetrock without harming any pipes or wires in the wall behind, due to the short length of the blade and smooth edge.

Also cuts plaster wall while also eliminating using a hammer, circular saw, or any osculating tools.

Cuts straight, precise, and faster than other methods, while also minimizing worry of cutting/damaging the “unknown” behind the wall.

500’ + linear feet of usage before any indications blade wear.

Also excellent for cutting into existing cement backer board.

The blade has a serrated cutting edge which drastically reduces approximately 60% of dust compared to all other methods of opening and accessing drywall. There are two teeth on the back of the blade which are only for chopping any drywall paper that is kicked back toward the gate of the reciprocating saw, eliminating any paper build-up.

Situation blade example: For instance, a contractor has to repair or install any utilities internally behind a wall, they can now do so faster and with confidence. A lot of company owners and supervisors are now requiring that they carry a pack of our blades in their truck. If they are caught using a blade with teeth, they are automatically disciplined or terminated. Plain and simple, spend $15.00 on a pack of blades or pay an insurance deductible and risk having a lawsuit for flooding or causing an electrical fire.

  • Cuts through drywall & plaster with ease and confidence
  • Keeps plumbing, electrical, cable, telecom, etc., lines safe
  • Eliminates over 60% of dust compared to other blades and drywall specialty tools and methods
  • Fits most commercial grade reciprocating saws- Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita, Ridgid, etc.
  • Sold as individual 2 blade packs


Don’t let your workers cost you thousands of dollars in repairs due to accidentally cutting into electrical, telecommunications or plumbing lines!


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