Saf-T-Kut Drywall Blades

Introducing the first innovative drywall blade specifically for accessing existing drywall or plaster board. If you or anyone you know…from a contractor to a do-it-yourselfer…have ever cut into anything behind existing drywall or plaster board, then here is a product to prevent future disasters. Saf-T-Kut drywall blades are designed for and fit most commercial reciprocating saws. traceroute . These small orange blades have a serrated edge rather than teeth which cuts down drywall dust dramatically, making straight, fast, and safe drywall cuts. internet statistics Two blades per pack, with an average lifespan of approximately 300’-500’ linear feet. For more information on Saf-T-Kut products, please call 1-800-SAFTKUT (723-8588) web informations . test load website

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