The Box Bag

Finally… a reliable, durable bag that is contractor grade and designed.  The BOX BAG has a common shape that stays erect when opened to full capacity. Shaped in the form of a “box”, the Box Bag handles can be folded outward, standing on its own, making it virtually an open receptacle that can either be used once and discarded, or cleaned and re-useable several times over due to its materialistic thickness. The Box Bag can be used for the containment and transfer of fluids, construction debris, yard trimmings, garbage, under a sink etc. Open and fold all sides outward, making the shape of a rectangle.

Here are just some of the endless uses for the BOX BAG:

  • Construction Debris
  • Yard Debris & Cleanup
  • Protection from wet and damp objects in the back of your car or home (a pulled toilet, under a sink to protect a cabinet).
  • The Box Bag is capable of holding over 50 lbs of fluid and/or solid materials.
  • The four corners, when gathered together, make carrying easy for one person.
  • Due its lower profile, trash capacity is easier, less weight, and less frustrating for transfer. Its uses are endless…

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