The Plumbers Helper 10-in-1 Multi-tool

A first for the Plumbing trade. The 10 Piece Plumbers Helper is a simple and convenient tool. Developed for tasks involving quick and simple plumbing repairs and maintenance. This is what the Plumbers Helper has:

  1. A ¼” hex key for freeing up frozen and non-working garbage disposals.
  2. A standard Phillips #2 screwdriver bit.
  3. A de-burring tool for reaming out copper or plastic piping.
  4. A ¼” nut driver for loosening or tightening water heater vent screws and air- conditioning vents. Removable nut driver bit for interchanging with other sizes.
  5. A 5/16” standard nut driver for no-hub bands and hose clamps.
  6. A ¼” flathead screwdriver bit.
  7. An angle hook for retrieving o-rings and washers.
  8. A utility knife.
  9. A dual sided flat file.
  10. A convenient level.

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